Preparation of new Civil Pensions

  • fter getting the pension file from the institution where the last worked the pensioner, we have to produce the following documents to prepare the pension.
  • Retired Identity Card and Treasury 70
  • Residence certificate obtained from the Grama Niladhari of the relevant area
  • Photocopy of the pass bank of bank account
  • Retirement declaration

Preparation of Widows' Pensions

Please hand over a requesting letter of widows' orphan's to us with a photocopy of the death certificate and a widows' orphan's number After recieving a letter from the Department of Widows or Orphans of Department of pensions, the following documents should be forwarded.

  • Original Certificate of marriage
  • An affidavit if there is a difference in name
  • Original copy of death certificate
  • A copy of the pensionable salary sheet
  • Birth certificate of children under 21 years
  • 3 photographs(3 ¼, 2 ¼ size) with Grama Niladari recommendations should be provided
  • Please bring me your National Identity Card as well
  • Submit the small form to the Grama Niladari
  • A letter obtained from the relevant divisional secretariat that the pension is terminated
  • Widow / Widow's birth certificate

    Also, Please get followings from our office

  • the letter should be submited to the grama niladari
  • No. 15 form of  Pensioners' Fund

Preparation of orphans' Pensions

  • After we receive the Death gratuity file When a letter has been sent to the office from the Department of Pensions, the widow orphan' should come to our office with the following documents.

  • Birth certificate of the orphan'
  • Originals death certificates of mother and father
  • Marriage certificate mother and father
  • If children less than 18 years should come with a guardian above 21 year, 5 / 1, 6,7,8 applications should be submitted

Preparation of disability' Pensions

Our office should be informed To terminate the pension or widow's pension in the month of death occured and  following applications should be submitted

  • orphan children application for the permanently disabled  
  • and Affidavit of the disabled Child's guardian

    You must visit our office on time of day and time for noticeable basic tests. If a gardian is needed, that person should also be in the preliminary examination

Paying for the their

  • Make aware our Divisional Secretariat to stop the pension or widow's pension
  • Original Death Certificate
  • A letter signed in front of a Justice of Peace that the other heirs have no objection to pay to one person such sum (all married and unmarried)
  • Grama Niladhari report  including  names of the heirs of the family, the relatives of the deceased, age, sex, and family details.( it should be recomeneded by  Divisional Secretary)
  • Form Podu 77
  • Please note the bank account number and the bank name as this amount is paid by a check

Preparing Pension Identity cards

Issue a new pension identity card to the damaged pension identity card

  • Damaged identity card
  • Certification of two photocopies of 3¼¼ * 2¼ inches by Grama Niladari.
  • A  letter of requesting

For Lost Identity cards

  • A copy of the complaint to the police that the identity card was lost
  • Requesting letter
  • Certification of two photocopies of 3¼¼ * 2¼ inches by Grama Niladari.

Payment of Pensions


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