The Historical Background of Divisional Secretary,Kurunegala.

The city of Kurunegala was called by the name of Karinatha became a kingdom in a very recent time as the 13th century through it had acquired a considerable development even in the distant past.When we consider about the very ancient and historical places situated in an around the Kurunegala Divisional Secretary's divisions it clearly shows its importance and value.

At present the G.A.House as known as "Maligawa",among the people is situated to the north of the Kachcheri building and the place of the ancient kingdom of Kurunegala was situated in the place where the three rocks of Ibbagala,Athugala in south and Kuruminigala in north join together.

There is a stable (norbes)at edge of Kuruweniyagala in the land where the G.A.mansion is.There is a wall which was made by carved stones on the top of the hill behind and it is couered .This place is accepted as the "Temple of the Tooth" during the time of the kingdom.

There is a broad path between kuruweniyagala and ibbagala which is made stone. it is the way to ethugala. these beautiful mountain ranges have accounted to increase the natural beauty of kurunegala more and more the pandol of lord buddha is erected on the top of the elephant rock. There is an ancient pond surrounded by thick forest to the left of the pandol. There are seven circles which were engraved in the plane of the rock with stone. This place is identified as the place where a pirith mandapaya was erected and prince wathhimi was pushed down from the rock by his enimies.

Is there any temple build having a huge rock which assembles the body of an elephant as the boundary is hold Ethkanda viharaya. This ancient place had acquired some religious importance even before king Devanambiya Thissa's reign and it goes back to the early time of the kingdom of Anuradhapura. There are ancient caves in ethkanda viharaya in one of them there are two stone statues belonging to Anuradhapura area.

There are statues which belong to the Kandyan area a Sethapana Pilimay (Sleeping statue) and Samadhi Pilima. In the small cave or the Len vihara, attached to the former has beautiful Arts of canopy (wiyan chittra) The carving of unnath stone, pillars of stones "Dabarawa" which is made of stone Dharma shalawa (Arms hall) chaithya (pagoda) along with in Great bodhiya in this viharaya have rendced and immense value and importance to increase the historical standard of the secretariat's Division of Kurunegala.

The two famous Gale Bandara Devalas in the island are sitiuated in the Divisional Secretary's division of Kurunegala. They are near in Ethugala in kurunegala. One belongs to the Ethugala viharaya and the other is in wathhimi road. Both Sinhala and Muslim people come to worship in these Devalas. A Gale Bandara statue is carved with a piece of red sandal wood of about two feet in length along with a hat like that of the hat worn by Muslims. It is believe

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.T.G.U.B.Thambugala 1997.02.21 2002.05.03
Mr.H.M.P.Hitisekara 2002.05.03 2007.08.11
Mr.W.M.Jayawardhana 2007.08.11 2012.01.01


Mr.E.M.M.S Ekanayake 2015.03.01 2021.03.17
Mr.D.P.C Udaya Kumara 2021.03.18 Present

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commencement of duties on 1st of January 2022

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