Land Administration

  • Distribution of empty government lands to expand the villages under the Land Development Ordinance, the Land Reclamation Special provisions Act and the State Land Ordinance
  • Subsequent activities of the lands distributed under the State Land Ordinance

Transferring the Original Inheritance

  • Letter of request made to Divisional Secretary
  • Original and copy of the donation letter and plan
  • Folios
  • Grama Niladhari report about the residents of the land
  • Grama Niladhari report on the inheritors of the grant holder - with date of birth according to the order of ages
  • An affidavit with agreeing to assign original legacy ( all the heirs should sign on a stamp (Rs. 25 / -)  in front of a JP)
  • Death Certificates of the grant holder and spouse
  • If an heir is dead, the originals and copies of the death certificates

Transferring post Inheritance

  • Letter of request made to the Divisional Secretary
  • Photo copy and originals of the donation letter and plan
  • Folios of the land
  • Grama Niladhari's report on resident of land
  • If the heirs are more than one person, a plan and a copy of a licensed surveyor
  • Birth Certificates and Copies of post heirs
  • Affidavit affirming that this post inheritance is voluntary (signed with a Rs. 25 stamp in front of the JP)
  • Oral declaration from the grant holder
  • The Grama Niladhari should sign as one of the two witnesses on the first page and complete the model

  • all heirs should give oral declaration in front of the divisional secretary  and they should come on time given by divisional secretary ( national identity card should be submitted)

Relaxation of grant Terms

  • Letter of request of the grant holder
  • Obtaining the signature of two witnesses after signing the grantor after receiving the approval of the Provincial Land Commissioner after forming Annexure Form.
  • The original deed is handed over to the government.
  • Submission of new grant given as Ranbima service fee Rs. 100 / - after raising the new grant after several steps

Land Disposal

A form has been attached as a transfer of ownership of government land.

Assistance to obtaine loans from Bank approved by the Grant

  • Request letter to the Divisional Secretary (name and address of relevant branch)
  • Original grant and a copy.
  • Photocopy notes

Implementation of Development Activities in Colonies

Once the project proposal is submitted to the Provincial Land Commissioner and approved under Provincial Council or Strategic Plan, the project will be implemented from such provisions.

Providing the Government as long terms taxes to Various Institutions

  • Requesting letter
  • Plan
  • Oath declaration to tax
  •  Local government agreement
  • Appendix 17,14
  • Project report of the organization
  • The Constitution of the Organization

Transferring Ownerships of Government Land

When granting the ownership of the land to someone else, a Swarnabumi, Jayabhumi, Ranbima should possess the following qualifications. 

  • The transferee should be a blood relation or low-incomer without lands
  • If only a portion of the land is assigned, the grant for that should be a grant allowed by land (if a grant is not permitted for subdivisions, a lease permit allowed for subdivision should be changed. If so the extent of the land is 15 perches or Should be higher.)

    Required Documents
  • Owner's request letter should be signed by the owner (or fingerprints at that place).
  • Original copy and a photocopy of the transferred land and
  • Folios of the land got within one week (before the last coupon).
  • if the transferee is a blood relation,Documents to prove the blood relation of the donor (can be obtained from the birth, intelligence and death certificates)
  • Grama Niladhari report on the income of the transferee.
  • Grama Niladari report on other properties owned by the transferee.
  • Affidavit declaration by a person claiming to be the owner (husband, wife and children) about transfering of the land.
  • An affidavit and deed of other lands should be submitted by mensioning transferor will not be helpless, orphaned. through this transfering.
  • If a part of the land is transfered, then the relevant Survey Plan should be submitted for the land allocation
  • Original copies of all certificates should be submited

Owners of Private Lands Who are being Acquired for Development Programmes

01. Awarding the relevant compensation

Required Documents

  • Compensation Application (Compensation Request Letter)
  • Deed of the acquired land
  • Plan for the land acquired
  • Title report of the land obtained from an attorney who has more than 10 years of experience
  • Folios over 2 weeks in relation to the land
  • National Identity Card to verify identity

    Charges for compensation
  • Above Rs.25,000 / - for an amount of Rs. 25,000 / - for the stamp fee

    02. Payment of compensation for the period from the date of issue of the gazette under section 38 (a) of the Acquisition Act to the  date of granting compensation

    Required Documents

    The relevant documents should be submitted and compensation should be obtained. A request letter should be submitted to obtain the interest.

    Cash bills

  • In case of interest, a tax of 10% should be paid to the Commissioner General of the Inland Revenue.
  • For the payment of interest over Rs 25,000 / -, the stamp fee is Rs.25 /

    03. Conducting a 'Laak' committee for land owners and giving allowances

    Required Documents

  • In addition to the documents to be submitted to obtain compensation, a letter of application should be submitted for obtaining the allowance.

    Cash bills

  • For a payment above Rs. 25,000 / -, Rs. 25 / -stamp fee  is charged

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