1. Timber cutting licenses (Jack trees / Palm trees / Female Palmyra)
  2. Issuing permits for timber / timber transport
  3. Extension of Timber / Extradition Period
  4. Issuing license to open new pawning centers
  5. Renewal of the pawning center license
  6. Issuing of excise license
  7. Permission to hold liquor whilst at ceremonies
  8. Issuing Animal Transportation Licenses
  9. Recommendation for Gun Permits
  10. Issuing licenses for toddy
  11. Excavation and transport of sand and gravel for commercial and non-commercial purposes

Required Documents and Fees

Timber Cutting Licenses

  • A copy of the deed certified by the Grama Niladari and verified by the original
  • Where the noticeable owner of the land is certified by the Grama Niladari when the applicant is not aware of the clear title of the land
  • Affidavit taken to prove that there is no objection to the issuance of a permit to rent to the applicant when there are several heirs
  • If a new construction is expected to throw down trees, an appropriate construction plan
  • Letters of the pradeshiya Sabhas / Urban Councils / RDA if they are being scattered due to dangers
  • If court verdicts regarding the land are relevant, court orders regarding them and dump
  • Notice of correspondence in the case of power line disturbance or protest
  • If the tree is located on the fence, the approximate (bare) land is owned by the owner. The owner is not opposed to cut the tree

Issuing Permits for Timber / Transport

  • Completed Application
  • Grama Niladhari report on timber, timber or timber
  • License for cutting Cutting Jack / Palmyra / Female Palmyra Tree
  • Timber logging document certified by Grama Niladari
  • Site Recommendation
  • Original copy of the transport license and the official receipt issued by the Department of Railways (Adavi Vana reports, Grama Niladari Reports or not necessary and License Duty does not apply) Licenses Obtaining licenses to re-transfer Railway /
  • Invoices for timber, cracked timber or timber goods
  • Permits for Timber transport limited

For More Details

Extention of timber transport permit


  • The initial police complaint
  • Original copy of the license
  • Gratitude report on non-transportation
  • 50% of the license fee is charged.

Issuing License to open new pawing centre


  • Grama Niladhari report
  • Superintendent of Police
  • Original registration certificate and another copy
  • Original copy of insurance certificate covering bribery and burglary allegation and another copy
  • A joint venture partnership
  • A copy of the tax deed

License fee - Rs. 1000.00

Deposit - Rs. 100000.00

Registration Charge - Rs.25000.00

  • Apply for the new pawning centers below
    • Download the for the pawning of gold items
    • Download the for pawning other than gold goods

Renewal of the pawing centers License


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